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Summer Training on Wild animals

5 Missions of Vet. School - Zagazig University to the Conservation Education Center –
Giza Zoo for Summer Training on Wild animals

 - On five consecutive Fridays in July, 2009, Conservation Education Center in Giza Zoo has 
    gladly welcomed the participants of 3rd and 4th Grades students of vet. School –
    Zagazig University, hosted by Dr. Nabil Sedky (Undersecretary of State for Zoos & Wildlife).

- Beside the practical parts, theoretical lectures have been given by the Vet. Staff of the Zoo on:-
    1.    Roles of Giza Zoo to conserve Wildlife in Egypt.
    2.    Précised idea on National legislations and international Convention for saving Wildlife in
    3.    Methods of Control, Secure and handling Wild animals & Birds.
    4.    Anesthesia of Wild animals:
               -   Anesthetic drugs, doses.
               -   Pre and post anesthetic precautions.
               -   Methods of outreach wild animals.
               -   Nutritional Requirements of Zoo animals, Birds and Reptiles.
    5.    Management of Reptiles.

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